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Bring Hope to a Hurting, Homeless and Hungry Child..

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We Care fund will go for Children  ___________

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 Dear friends and supporters,

Let me take this opportunity to tell you how very much your support means to us. 

Because of your generosity, WE CARE initiative has made important advances in 2014 to reach, care and empower people including diseased and at risk children.

Still, for many, this is a dark year. They’re lonely, diseased, depressed & hopeless. Their relationships are broken; many have lost their parents, and wander in the street without a shelter, without a shoulder to lean on and many find themselves sleeping out in the cold street without food to eat and cloth to wear.

They’re desperate and crying out for help.

We want to share HOPE this year and in future by raising Care Fund to help these needy children

We believe all children deserve love, care and a special year just like we do. 

Please consider making a life-changing gift to our children. Your gift will help us meet immediate needs of children. Every gift contributed makes a real difference. 

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to make a gift to our promising WE CARE- Keep A Child Alive Fundraising Campaign please consider making it today.

Whatever you do, however big or small, we are very grateful for your support.

Your gift will help reach these children with the love and will tell them they have not been forgotten by their mom or dad

Thanking you in advance 


Anan Pun



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WE CARE is a Care Provoking Initiative   

Supporting Partners: Werner Kalka Foundation, & CompWare Medical GmbH German 

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